How HMIS Works

How Homeless Management Information System Works

Participating agencies input client-level, demographic data such as gender, race, veteran status, date of birth, city of last permanent housing, and information on services received into the HMIS database. This data is aggregated in an attempt to understand the size, characteristics, and the needs of the homeless at the local, state and national levels.
Agency personnel input client data in HMIS on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on agency needs.  Both standard and customizable reports are available for use by participating agencies. OC Partnership’s HMIS team provides technical support for Orange County’s participating agencies. Our services include system set-up, training, and ongoing help desk support.

How the data is used: 

  By Agencies – to measure program effectiveness and report progress to their boards and funders 
  By the Community – to measure the progress towards ending homelessness in Orange County 
  By Funders – to measure the effectiveness of their investment 

Orange County contributes to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress (AHAR). This report provides a demographic picture of homelessness nationwide.   The 2009-2010 Orange County Homeless and At-Risk Indicators Report was released in October 2010. This report communicates demographic and program usage of clients who sought services from agencies who contribute data to HMIS.