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Homeless Management Information System Overview
HMIS is Orange County’s response to the HUD mandated implementation of a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database that collects and reports longitudinal client-level information about persons who access the homeless service system. HMIS is an online database used by homeless and at-risk service providers that records demographic and service usage data and produces an unduplicated count of the people using those services. The following link provides information on why HMIS was started: History of HMIS 

Goal: To implement a community-wide database that tracks demographic and service usage data that will allow for a better understanding of homelessness and the root issues surrounding homelessness in our community.

Why it’s needed:
• Fact-based information is crucial for making programmatic decisions and securing funding.
• Provides an accurate count of the homeless rather than a projected estimation.

Who Should Participate:
Our community goal is that 100% of agencies who provide services to the homeless contribute client data to HMIS, regardless of funding source. Those who receive funding from the following programs are required to participate:
• Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) Recipients
• Supportive Housing Grant (SHP) Recipients
• Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)
• County of Orange Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Recipients

What HMIS does:
• Provides an unduplicated count of clients served
• Tracks services used by homeless persons
• Captures information from multiple agencies
• Tracks service usage over time
• Provides summary information about service usage and clients
• Gauges community progress towards ending homelessness.

Benefits of HMIS:
• For Homeless Men, Women and Children

Our HMIS Team: