Board of Directors



2-1-1 Orange County Board of Directors 

Guiding principles

  • We strive for excellence

  • Customer service is our primary focus

  • We are an inclusive/county-wide, multi-cultural service

  • We value volunteer service

  • We value partnerships and collaborations with like-minded agencies and organizations

  • We are an equal opportunity employer

  • We value the skills of our board members to fulfill our mission


Chairman of the Board - Allan L. Roeder

Vice Chairman - Vacant

Secretary - Irene Kinoshita

Treasurer - William "Bill" R. Ford

President and CEO - Karen B. Williams

Directors at Large

         M. Mahboob Akhter

Marc A. Lerner

         Mike W. Horan

Oladele A. Ogunseitan

         Michelle H. Jordan

Steven W. Vogeding

         Irene L. Kinoshita

Tricia Esser

         Veronica  M. Gray

Faisal M. Zubairi

          Lesley P. Hanrahan

Lisa Pia Hall

         Eileen Szymanski Chen

Jim Leach



Advisory Council

Allan L. Roeder

Tod Burnett
President, Saddleback College

Shelly Hoss
President, Orange County Community Foundation

Reza Karkia
CEO, AIHER Business Strategy & Marketing Group

Goran Matijasevic
Executive Director, Chief Executive Roundtable, University of CA Irvine

Jim McCluney
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, Emulex Corporation

Safi Qureshey
Chairman, Quartics, Inc.

Mike Ruane
Chief, Strategy and Public Affairs, CalOptima

Paul Sanford
General Manager, Wyndham, Orange County

Brian Stephens
Assistant Chief of Support Services, OC Fire Authority 


The corporation shall have not fewer than 5 directors nor more than 21 directors with the exact number to be fixed within these limits by a resolution and the approval of the board of directors in the manner provided. Each director shall hold office until the next annual meeting for election of the board of directors as specified in these bylaws, or until his or her successor is elected and qualifies. Every act or decision done or made by a majority of the directors present at a meeting duly held at which a quorum is present is the act of the board of directors. Any person may serve as an officer of this corporation.