2015 Letter of Intent

Part 1: Agency Administrative Review

Part I: Agency Administrative Review

LOI/Part I Technical Assistance Workshop Presentation

SAM Guide

LOI/Part I is due Friday, May 22, 2015 at 12:00 pm (noon) PST.

Part 2: Project Review

Part II: Project Review (revised 10/6/15)

LOI/Part II is due Friday, October 16 at 12:00pm (noon) PST.

LOI/Part II Technical Assistance Workshop PowerPoint Presentation and Handout.

NOTE: The LOI/Part II: Project Review and Checklist have been updated to include HUD CoC Project Application and HUD Forms as past of binder submittal. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • A new requirment is Attachment 7b: Effective Dates of Organizational or Program Document, do my organization's documents need to be received board Approval? Is board approval a HUD guideline?
    • If your organization does not require thd Board of Directors' approval for such documents, simply indicate that in Attachment 7b as a footnote. In the table put the effective/implementation date of the program rules, service plans, etc. that support Housing First Model. HUD does not require that documentation is provided to support ESnaps Section 2b, Question 4 or that these documents are approved by the agency's Board of Directors.
  • Where do i attain the information in HMIS to fill out questions 5A and 5B for eSnaps?
    • The HMIS team has developed an adhoc in HMIS with instructions, named 5A and 5B NOFA 2015 - For Agencies. Please note that you will need to enter a date where your project was at maximum pacacity at a point intime. To access the AdHoc, go to the Adhoc Report/Inventory and search for the report there. It is not a management report.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to hmis-helpdesk@211oc.org. Click here to view the Adhoc for Section 5 Screenshots. Click here for NOFA Section 5 Ad Hoc Filtering Instructions. 
  • Exhibit 4: Financial Commitment, it requests leverage and match information for 2015, is this asking for leverage that we are able to provide this fiscal year, or should it be for the following fiscal year?
    • Because you are completing a renewal for a project that will not go into effect until 2016, all the match and leverage sources should reflect 2016.
  • If we have leverage commitment that was made for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, can we use that same leverage source for the renewal, or must it be an entirely new leverage source?
    • Leverage may only be utilized once. It may not be utilized for multiple years nor multiple projects.
  • Is leverage optional?
    • 150% leverage is required, not optional.  
  • Do we need to run the 5A and 5B NOFA 2015 - For Agencies Adhoc Report to complete Section 4 of the eSnaps renewal?
    • You do not need to utilize the Adhoc report to complete this sectioon, if you were able to complete this section by any other method. The Adhoc report was developed as many agencies were requesting assistance and guidance in this eSnaps section. 
  • What should be the project dates on the renewal application?
    • These dates should match what is on your agency's GIW. If you need to obtain a copy of your agency's GIW, please email Zulima Pelayo at zpelayo@211oc.org
  • If my agency decided to voluntarily give up their funds, and will not apply for renewal nor complete LOI/Part II, is there anything specific that muct be done?
    • Please provide us record (email) stating that your agency will not be applyoing for the grant in the 2015 HUD CoC Funding Application through the Orange County LOI Process. Please include the following details as shown on the GIW: contract name, contract number, total amount of grant. This email should be sent to juanita.preciado@occr.ocgov.com, zpelayo@211oc.org, and your HUD Representative. 
  • Could you remind me the deadline for completion of our 2015 renewal in esnaps?
    • eSnaps must be completed by Friday, October 16, 2015 at 12:00pm (noon) as a copy must be included in the submittal - binder and USB. In the email that was sent out last week, it notes that an updated document cheklist was made available, which now includes the CoC renewal application (eSnaps).
  • Project name entered in the Exhibits and Attachment documents for the LOI/Part II can state the name of our organization's project? Or does it need to state "Continuum of Care"?
    • The LOI/Part II Exhibits and Attachments should have the project name as included in the GIW. 
  • Please confim the HUD Forms to complete. From the LOI/Part II Workshop handout, HUD Forms 2880 and 50070 are listed. Do I also complete SF424 & SF LLL?
    • The HUD Forms were submitted in LOI/Part I. When the NOFA dropped there was clarification that the HUD forms 2880 and 50070 needed to be dated after July 1, 2015. You do not need to re-do the other forms ( SF424 or SF LLL). Please make sure to upload the HUD Forms in eSnaps. 
  •  I have the print out of 5A and 5B adhoc report from HMIS that we used to complete the eSnaps appliocation. Is it supposed to go somewhere in the LOI/Part II?
    • No. Please do not include any adhoc reports in your submittal.