2015 Request For Proposal

 2015 Request for Proposal

2015 Request for Proposal for Pemanent Housing Projects (revised 10/14/2015)

2015 RFP Check List (revised 10/8/2015)

NOTE: Due to recent changes in the environmental process, we will not be requiring any environmental documents atthe time of submittal for the RFP. However, if awarded by HUD, applicants will be contacted to submit the required environmental documents. Environmetal clearance wil be required to proceed with the project. 


 Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the RFP, what money is available for PSH and RRH?
    • The available funding for NEW CoC Projects is as follows:

Bonus Projects $2,930,475: Project Type Amount Available for Permanent Housing (PH) - Permanent Supportive Housing and  Rapid Rehousing - only for individuals . This amounf may be split among a number of projects, rather than just one.

Re-Allocation $520,373: Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) or Rapid Rehousing (RRH) for Homeless Individuals and Families. 

  • Is leverage optional?
    • 150% leverage is required, not optional. 
  • Attachment 3 request a list of 5 years of our HUD experience, is this just a list with name of grants, grant year, grant numbers and amounts? Is there anything else we need to list there or a certain structure?
    • For attachment 3, we do not have a specific format or table to follow. We suggest listing them in chronological order, including some details, so it is easy to follow and see the five years of HUD experience. 


Grant A details

Grant B details

Grant C details

  • Attachment 2 request HUD close out letters. We do not have our close out letters back as of yet for year-emd 2014. We are going to request them from our HUD Representative, but if we do not get them back in time, is it okay to submit the close out letters with just the Executive Director's signature?
    • It is okay to submit close out letters with just your Executive Director's signature. It is my understanding that a HUD siganture on a close out letter is rare. 
  •  Looking over the New Project guidiles, I would like to confirm that there are no Unique Reqirements for this project as there were i the 2014 RFP. I haven't seen any listed in the 2015 RFP, but I just wanted to be sure.
    • Some othe new project requirements for 2015 have changed, including many of the "unique requirements" that were included in the 2014 NOFA. We encourage all applicants to review HUD's NOFA for the 2015 Continuum of Care Competition. 
  •  Would you please clarify the dollar amount we should use for FMR for a 1-bedroom unit? The information is pre-populated on page 39 in e-snaps is $1,283. We understand that the FMR for 2016 is $1,308 per month for a 1-bedroom unit. Which dollar amount should we use for FMR?
  • On page 13 of the revised RFP, under the section that reads "Required HUD Forms that MUST be Completed," the instructions state "All HUD forms are to be completed in your assigned USB." I believe this statement simply means that we are to save the completed HUD forms to the flash drive we will be submitting along with the paper copies. Please explain.
    • Please provide your own USB. Your USb should include a digital copy of each exhibit and attachment being completed, including the HUD Forms. Each attachment, exhibit, and HUD forms should be saved separately. Reference page/slide 11 of the LOI/Part II TA Workshop Presentation for an example of how your USB should be set up. 
  • For the certification of project consistency, do we need to submit an original with wet signature of HUD Form 2991 or will a scanned color copy suffice? We have submitted our request to the City of Santa Ana, where project services will be located, but do not know how quikly we will receive a response. 
    • For the submittal you need to submit one original (wet signature), 4 copies, and an electronic copy (PDF preferred) of the Certification of Consistency in the Consolidated Plan.
  • In eSnaps, what do you recommend we put for the project start date in 2016 and the end date in 2017? (month and day)
    • We cannot recommend what date the proposed project should start. However, the start date would have to be sometime in FY 2016. Generally projects can align to fiscal year dates or calendar year dates, in which case it would start January 1, 2017. 
  • When i complete my eSnaps application, do I hit submit?
    • No, you do not. If your RFP is awarded, you will be notified when to hit submit by 211OC Staff.
  • The recent notice about not needing any environmental documents at this point, am i corrent in concluding that the notice refeered to Exhibit 6, Attachment 7, and Attachment 8?
    • You are correct. There is not enough time for the environmental forms to be cleared by the County with teh RFP deadline and at this time you do not know the location of your sites. You are to complete Exhibit 6, and Attachment 7, or Attachment 8, if your RFP is to be awarded. For the submittal, please include a sheet of paper which states "Not applicable at this time, to be completed if awarded."
  • Does the leverage calculation also exclude the leasing fund exemption described on page 6? 
    • No, the leverage calculation is based upon 150% of your total grnat request.
  • What percentage is allowed for the administartive cost for an RFP? Did the County set a lower limit like last year where it was around 7%? Or can it be all 10%?
    • The Orange County CoC previously only allowed 7%, but this year we are allowing for the 10%. 
  • Can we submit applications for capital development projects under the RFP?
    • The RFP will not be revised to include an option for capital development projects under the RFP. Any amount allocated to a capital development project is not a renewal source of funds for the local Continuum of Care. HUD also prefers that resources and housing units are made available as soon as possible. The construction of a capital development project is not immediate, often the expected time line gets drawn out compared to other permanent housing options.